Domaine de lafage

Polyculture Vinegrowers

The blondes d’aquitaines

At the Domaine de Lafage, the cows cohabit around the vines.

They contribute to the balance of the field. Bovins occupy a central place in the biodynamic process. The Animals cycles are connected with the stars. The cow offers all the fertilization necessary to feed the vines. The compost reinforces the autonomy of our farm. Cows are the key to this autonomous ecosystem.

They also provide the basis for several biodynamic preparations.

Currently 15 mothers and one bull are composing the herd. They grazes 8 to 9 months in the year. The bull is always with his cows.

Each cow give birth to a calf a year which after a period of rearing between 8 and 12 months, are sold in parcel for a direct sale.