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Polyculture Vinegrowers

The Biodynamic process

The Biodynamic process is a method of finding the balance between a given crop and its immediate and more distant environment. It appeared in Germany in 1924 under Rudolph Steiner, an Austrian philosopher and agronomist, who set out the fundamental principles of this process.

In nature, close relations exist between mineral matters, vegetal matters and animals, nothing is isolated: worms goes with soil fertility, flowers with butterflies, deers with forests ect. In dynamic organic agriculture, it is the same. It is by putting together in the same farm, livestock and crops, in a diversified landscape, that we create the foundations of a sustainable fertility.

The Agriculture considered by the Biodynamic area as part of a system in which all elements are interdependent. The rhythms taken into account in the Biodynamic process are : The seasons, the day and night cycle , tides, fertility cycles, the plant growth. Those cycles show the influence of the sun, the moon and all the movements of the planets that affect life.

The Biodynamic process applied to the cultivation of vines is based on three principles:

The improvement of the soil and the plant by preparations from vegetable, animal and mineral materials.

The application of these preparations at specific times according to the cycles of the vine and in connection with the lunar and planetary calendar.

Work on soil by plowing and scraping.